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For the third consecutive year, the TMA Italian Swimming Team (TMA method) trained by Luigi Sentenza and Corrado Rametta, won the F.I.S.I.D.I.R. National Championship (Italian Federations of Sports and Relationship Disability). A success made even more striking by the fact that the team is entirely made up of autistic children and teenagers.

A happy ending to a story of integration, where these results become a key element in the process of recovering children affected by autism spectrum disorders.

This event marks one of the many goals achieved through the Multisystemic Water Therapy (TMA Caputo Ippolito method). In fact, this kind of intervention allows many autistic children to benefit from public spaces and thus be in contact with their peers by playing together while taking advantage of the operators. These operators, through an individualized program are able to reach important rehabilitation goals with the children, and judging by the results, they can also reach very high sport goals, with all it means to these special children and their families. Once more, the parents of a boy/girl with autism can be proud of being the parents of an Italian champion.