The book on TMA

This book is a practical guide that provides answers to the needs of parents, practitioners (educators, therapists, psychologists) and to those who interact with children and young people with autism and relationship disorders. It offers a new perspective to those who for the first time approach a text dedicated to these topics and to those who, while familiar, want to know more about this new method of intervention.

The text illustrates the Multisystemic Water Therapy (TMA), an approach which facilitates emotion management and social integration, encouraging re-education and the modification of cognitive, behavioural, communicative, emotional and motor skill patterns.

This book, which represents the result of more than sixteen year experience with children affected by autism, generalized development disorders and other relationship pathologies, aims at introducing methodology, theoretical bases, practical techniques and the results obtained performing the Multisystemic Water Therapy (TMA).
TMA is a therapy that, by using water as an emotional, sensory, motor activator, capable of pushing the subject with communication disorders and autism into a meaningful relationship, allows contact with children with social difficulties and little motivation to learn and therefore modify their dysfunctional behavioural patterns. All in a ludic environment, such as public swimming pools.

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